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you've lived a life like no other.

are you ready to connect all that you are with

your great training?

Drawing on her 25 years of experience in film, TV and theatre, Caroline has helped thousands of creatives dispel the myths around navigating the industry. Get clear on who you are, where you're headed & what you're ready for next

in one session together we could accomplish...
  • Clarity on navigating this industry, mapping out your business plan to take your career to the next level

  • Perfecting your audition prep & self-tapes so you always bring your best performance and self to the role

  • Shifting your mindset around your career as an artist so you meet all opportunities ready, focused and ALL YOU

  • Working out who you as a business, and what that really means 

  • Upgrading your marketing materials to reflect all that you are and get you into more rooms


iBOOM Business

Single session; 4 or 6 sessions 

All meetings are online

Schedule a complimentary call to discuss goals.
Link to materials + recent self-tape.

what they're saying... 

pilar adara_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Working with Caroline is a gift! She is patient and knowledgeable in her guidance of the work. Having collaborated with Caroline on elevating my self-taping and stronger audition prep has definitely sparked my love for the work again, and in turn, leveled up my craft to unlock those rooms. You know the ones! I can’t recommend her enough.


I was baffled in how to have my communications land, find the right agent for me, and transform how I network and pitch myself. Caroline really showed me that it’s about expansion inside of who I am, and we worked through all the steps. Now I go to networking events and draft emails that land with the understanding of self to and how to communicate that. It's been so helpful and real a pivot in my career as an actor.

james wdl mercer ii_edited.jpg

As an artist, we want to bring our best work forward. Caroline has reminded me that I can be confident and loud about it. She focuses through the fog, and gets to the core of who we are intrinsically, what we want and how to get it. It’s affirming to have such a light and mentor helping me put my best foot forward to illuminate who I am. And it works in all areas. We’re not taught this in school.

step into a space to take risk, explore possibility, and strategize on the next steps in your dynamic story
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