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How would it feel to really live your professional and personal life in a meaningful way that allows you to thrive? 
get ready to...
  • Embrace all that you are - mind, body, spirit - as a fierce unapologetic beautiful artist and human being

  • Strategize your vision for your acting career (your why) and get the steps to achieve it (your how)

  • Dive deeper in your practice and exploration in the work and audition prep

  • Get the accountability and support to hit your bad*ss goals


"the way you do one thing is the way you do all things."


GOLDEN HOUR is your time for mentorshipProviding community with a private coaching feel, you'll work toward your goals and mindset around navigating the film/TV industry, challenging and deepening craft, while keeping who you are and how you wish to be cast front and center.

MIND. Discuss the topics and challenges that are important to you. Get clear on your vibe/essence. Design your marketing materials to fully support you and get you into the rooms you want. Land that talent agent or manager of your dreams. Put together a productivity action plan that’ll take care of your self-management challenges. Finally let go the negative voices in your head and reframe to bring forward the YOU we’ve been waiting for. 


CRAFT. Challenge and work your muscle memory with audition prep and one-on-one audition material. Receive constructive feedback on self-tapes with an eye toward booking off of the self-tape. Gain new insight into the casting process and how you are a collaborator. Get clearer on how you hold the key to solving our casting needs. 


Intimate class size. 4 students admitted

Meets twice per month online 

Ongoing communication between classes

Suggested commitment: 3 months

Instructor: Caroline Liem


Complimentary call required to discuss your goals

what they're saying... 

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Eugenia Kuzmina.png

Caroline is very specific and cares about each actor uncovering exactly what their unique and specific needs are. iBoom is all about coming from a place of GIVE rather than ask, ask, ask. Caroline helps you narrow down what’s truly unique about you clearly empowering you.

I am forever grateful to find a teacher and coach whom I can trust and feel safe with, knowing you want the best for all of your clients. Your feedback is incredibly insightful and so beyond helpful. And your positivity is infectious! <3 XO

I feel completely ready to tackle the next step in my career after working with Caroline. She was so focused that we got so much covered in each meeting. So positive and direct that you can’t help but feel inspired!

Actor | Nurse | Seriously Funny
Actor | Writer | Disneyland
Actor | Model | Comedian
Hardest working Mom

annnnd what they're saying... 

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Bethany 1.jpg
Parker Mills.png

Caroline's iBOOM helped me demystify the audition process, and gave me a better understanding of the industry, and of myself as an actor.  I’m left with the tools to have control over my career in a really manageable say it’s a game-changer is really not enough. 

Caroline’s iBoomThe Room helped demystify the audition process, and gave me a better understanding of the industry, and of myself as an actor. I’m left with the tools to have control over my career in a really manageable say it’s a game-changer is really not enough.

When I got to Los Angeles, the idea of a career in the entertainment industry seemed more like a distant dream than a reality. Because of Caroline's support and guidance, not only have I been working as an actor, I've found my passions within the industry and a strong community to fall back on. Caroline has changed my life!

Self-taping and prepping auditions used to be so daunting and left me anxious. I’d go in not bringing all of myself because I didn’t think I was enough. Caroline guides and asks the hard questions meeting you where you are, challenging you to bring who you are forward to give an honest performance. She makes the whole entertainment industry a lot less scary and self-taping is fun again. I don’t need to change who I am for a role.

Caroline has an amazing way of guiding you through your auditions and helping you find and make your own choices. Working with her isn’t just tremendously valuable… it’s also fun and encouraging.

Caroline both cares about, and helps nurture, your growth as an artist and as a person. She’s always focused on building actors up and her approach to auditions and coaching is tremendously helpful, refreshing and inspiring. 

Actor | Based on a true story
Comedian | Writer
ADHD Activist
Actor | Writer | Baker
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