leap of faith convo for creatives

WOW!  Did we miss in-person connection over the past year or what!?! 


itsPURPOSEATPLAY evolved out of missing the in-person connection with dear friends.

Caroline & Dayna (fierce friend + industry colleague) meet up on IG Live creating  community + connection for artists, colleagues and collaborators navigating the film/TV industry. 


Take a bite-sized morsel of play with purpose, speak your truth, dare to dream big and...

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the quality of your thoughts create the quality of how you occur in the world

what they're saying... 

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Ladies, THIS information, education, inspiring stories...Yes, we need a book by you.

Thank you for this weekly check-in. It’s so life affirming.

You taught me to own my stuff AND that it’s okay to not have it all together AND to see opportunity where there are obstacles AND to be kind to myself! Your voices are bots in my head and they give me BALANCE together in harmony, so thank you for some peace.

your humanity is just as important as your work. who you are in the world directly affects who you are as an artist.