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what we can do together

The synergy that comes with being part of the creative's journey as they successfully step into new artistic territory, blasting through any barriers, and uncovering that part of themselves they dare to share with the world - - their humanity - - is the journey I'm here for.

I’ve helped many multi-hyphenate artists level-up their careers, and how they look at their business. Read on for information about my journey to coaching, how advocacy fuels my work with you, and what we can do together.

how do you occur...?

Just a heads up - when we meet the first question I will ask you is "How do you occur in the world?" 

I'm an Los Angeles-based casting director / coach, who has worked on award winning / nominated features, independent films, television series, pilots, and animated series for studios including Paramount, Twentieth Century, Disney, Sony, Warner Bros, and networks including Netflix, Nick Jr, ABC, CBS, NBC, The CW and Fox. 

Gone in Sixty Seconds, Pearl Harbor, Gangs of New York, X-Men 2, Blade Trinity, and Rust Creek are some of the feature films I have worked on, as well as casting the multiple award winning late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Do you play video games? Assassin’s Creed III and Far Cry are a part of the varied and eclectic work I love to cast.

Having a diverse and rich background as a musician, singer, actor and casting director has provided a firm foundation and distinct network of professionals in both film and television. I believe that all of who you are is a part of the conversation - that includes who you are, your personal passions, what you believe in & who you love.

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Belonging centers my collaborations, relationships, and work. It is the bridge between Diversity and Inclusion, where we ask the questions, have the hardest conversations, and build trust. Belonging is the thing where artists feel seen and heard and celebrated. It’s where we talk about the why of not feeling included, and help others feel heard.

Diversity is calling people into the deepness of any celebration they need, which is acknowledgement. Inclusion brings the voices to the room - perspectives. Equity is having the most challenging conversations to create the change. But Belonging is the sweet spot. 


I served as Vice President of Casting Society, as well as Vice President of Advocacy, leaning in to shine a light and elevate global voices on both sides of the camera. During my tenure, I contributed to the Casting Assistant Training Program, now part of their pathway program, which is the first course of its kind that trains the next generation of casting professionals;  co-founded the Alliance, to make visible historically underrepresented casting professionals who have felt excluded from participation or unable to qualify for membership, through programs, training and education, mentorship, and more. See how the training program has grown and flourished here.

coaching clients + collaborations

Beautiful, creative, thought-provoking, tread-setting, undaunted, resilient. Each of these extraordinary artists found their voice their way and we are the lucky beneficiaries of their ferocity and their funny.

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