Power Tools…September

Power Tools…September

Our inaugural Power Tools for the Emerging Artists went so well for our class members we’re gearing up for our next round starting September 4.

And if this amazing Bootcamp weren’t enough, take a look at video one of our Power Players created in our showreel collaboration. If you’d like to learn more about creating your own content CLICK HERE


in Burbank

For details on our Power Tools classes, teachers, showreel scenes and to apply  visit www.powertools.connectstudiosla.com

You Can Do It!



Power Tools…

Power Tools…

Whether you have just arrived in LA, graduated from a college program, took time-off and want to get your groove back, or are just trying to navigate LA’s film and TV industry, Caroline Liem & Ayumi Iizuka have listened to the cry and created a way to connect the dots of the ‘Business of YOU’ with your actor training. POWER TOOLS FOR THE EMERGING ARTIST includes 6 working industry professionals sharing our expertise in this much needed area of an artist’s work- YOUR business, including unique image branding, the actor ‘toolkit’, marketing materials, and on-camera work focused on the areas around the audition itself. The class is small to allow for focus on individual development and strengthening skills and confidence to book jobs. For more details on our Power Tools class, teachers and to apply click on Rosie or visit www.powertools.connectstudiosla.com/


JUNE 5 for 8 WEEKS


Take it to the NEXT LEVEL

Take it to the NEXT LEVEL

3-Week On-Camera Class


June 9, 16, 23

This unique 3-week class is designed to prepare you for any audition room scenario. We will work on specific technique to bring the world of the scene forward and zero in on what makes your reads strong, authentic and valuable in BOOKING THE ROOM. We always include  relevant specialized topics of discussion involving “the business”. All reads are ON-CAMERA using specific audition material chosen and assigned to you in advanced. In class, there is a lot feedback and adjustments provided.

These nitty gritty business things are crucial and not really taught in your classic training education. Thank you for offering these important details – Katie B

Loved.  This.  Class. Caroline has an open-floor policy of sorts, creating a great energy of trust in the room. The audition room scenarios were killer. We all felt free to ask questions, no matter how silly or redundant we worried they might be. No-judgement zone. – Lindsey P

For more information on this class and to sign up please click HERE. Mention I sent you and the application process is waived.

Tel: 212-691-6000 ext. 6 | Email: staff@nextlevelstudiosla.com



One Take Wonders

One Take Wonders

I marvel at how actors can prepare for auditions at the last minute. It takes a certain skill set to disseminate the breakdown, read the script, if offered, prepare the material, and deliver a personalized and thoughtful performance in the audition room or through a self-tape. I’ll offer observations on both.

There is an actor I tape from time to time. She has appeared as a series regular, recurred on several familiar shows, and has tested for countless projects. Whenever I work with her it’s very last minute, usually due the same day, and she has just had the day or evening prior to review the material. She usually tapes it in one shot, and books the role. She’s a one-take wonder. But what does she do?

1. Her confidence is palpable. She’s clear and focused on the performance at hand.

2. There is very clear sense what she wants from the other character, and it is undeniable she will get it. 

3. She draws the camera to her read, as if it is listening in on a juicy secret.

During recent casting, the actors I brought back to producers and those who ultimately booked their roles had certain qualities in common. CLICK HERE for specifics on how each of these actors booked the room in one take!  – Backstage, originally published 07.10.16

Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity

On January 7 the Casting Society of America’s Inclusion & Diversity Open Call took place in LA. It was eye-opening and simply moving for this Casting Director! Our Casting Team was one of a dozen onsite meeting and reading with performers with disabilities. Approximately 750 people participated and were seen by 50 casting directors and associates in 16 cities across the US. Here’s a video of the day. Scroll down for more information on giving actors with disabilities their due.

Inclusion & Diversity Open Call

As part of a series of events focusing on casting opportunities for actors who have been historically overlooked in the entertainment industry, Casting Society of America (CSA) Inclusion and Diversity Committee focused on performers with disabilities (PWDs). Performers were given an opportunity to share a two-page prepared scene of their choice in front of a panel of CSA casting directors. This was an educational opportunity and a chance for Casting Directors to meet with and learn from the PWD community.

Article written by committee and CSA member Marci Liroff – CSA Is Giving Actors With Disabilities Their Due via @BackStage http://bit.ly/2GuEPzZ

PPALA 2018 – The LA Intensive

PPALA 2018 – The LA Intensive

Pace University has done it again! I am THRILLED to be a part of Year 4 producing, co-directing and teaching this amazing grup! This year’s BFA Acting seniors traveled from NY –> LA immersing themselves in an intense intensive throughout January. Prior to that I co-directed them in their showcase videos. To view their work and learn more about them – click the link… http://bit.ly/2HAnAON

They worked with industry directors, producers, casting directors, seasoned talent and writers; honed their skills on-camera, produced their showcase videos and learned A LOT about self-care, online presence, who they are and what they have to offer as unique and fierce artists. This terrific group is ready to take on whatever comes their way. So blessed to be part of  their journey. THANK YOU!! #TeacherHat


For information on each student and their upcoming NY Showcase – http://bit.ly/2HAnAON


What a lovely surprise- a thank you video- http://bit.ly/2EVZcc7.

“You’re all pretty!”




Pace University

Pace University

….and so it begins… Final rehearsals for our Pace University digital showcase shoot. This is their first step to bridging their college experience with the film/television industry. They’ll be in LA this January- WATCH OUT!!


Exploring the wonders of #Brooklyn with my best friend from high school daaaazzzze for my work with my students at Pace University. Round trip Brooklyn Bridge walk.


A terrific day with Casting Society Cares – Meals 4 Monologues at CTG times Two (July and November). Met SO MANY terrific talented actors. Thank you for you time and donations for the LA Regional Food Bank. #CastingHat


Always LOVE when my coaching clients soar. Big congrats RYAN PHUONG for your recurring role on YOUNG SHELDON!!