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Updated: Jul 28, 2023

I can talk about craft all - day - long. So, when Audrey Helps Actors, Audrey Moore reached out to break down the story of "Finding Nemo" and shared with me why an actor must always take into account the story when they audition for a part, I said... "Yesssss, but why an animated film instead of live action?" And she said something along the lines of... "so the artist will not compare or compete with the actor's performance, but find it in themselves." YESSSSS, invitation accepted.

Get your notebook out for this master class on story discussed from the POV of actor - storyteller - Audrey Helps Actors, Audrey Moore, writer - producer Jesse Lumen, and casting director - coach Me shining a spotlight on the importance of story in your audition prep. Yes, all the sides of the story are shared, plus some added casting tips, aka BOOM bites, on building relationships with casting directors, taking charge of your audition process and connecting during this time unlike any other in our present times.

This is an excerpt of Audrey Helps Actors Podcast 061 - Story! - Jesse Lumen and Caroline Liem. Listen to the full Story! directly on Audrey Helps Actors.

Thank you Audrey and Jesse! xo

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