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FALLFORWARD | 6-month mentorship

What does a life well-lived, on your own terms look like?


  • Work-Life balance.

  • Your career in momentum.

  • Professional + personal relationships thriving.

  • Relationship with Self supported.

Can you imagine that you went after the dream, the idea? You followed your gut, your woo if you will, and met the day.


How did you use the abilities, the talents given to you by this life massively?

you already possess everything you need to share your best performance. 

Have you ever done a trust fall?

Was it liberating? Or was it f***ing terrifying? Placing trust in another to catch you, hold you, support you... as - you - falllllll.

Leaning in is challenging...and messy, to let go of what no longer served you obediently and resolutely for so long.  

So, how?

The win doesn’t happen without the fall.


What happens immediately after the fall is the quiet clarity. Think of this as the moment between breaths, or the foam after a wave crashes. 

The magic happens between the lines.

Our collaboration will include strategic planning around your goals to build a stronger foundation and increased momentum, quieting the voices in your head that tend to sway


Our collaboration will offer you many opportunities for valuable approaches and techniques to equip you for whatever life brings you.


Our collaboration will provide new perspectives on your mindset, and much needed clarity.


Our collaboration will include consistent, steady support.


Mentorship: 6 months.

This is the length of time to shift into a new chapter. It will allow time for more exploration, to integrate tools, deeply discuss what is working and what’s not and why, as well as process the results in lasting and meaningful ways. 


Meeting length:

Twice per month for up to one hour over Zoom or phone call. You will also have access to me via email and voicemail for questions and coaching in-between scheduled appointments.



Throughout our 6-months we will discuss and strategize a plan to help focus and transform all your thoughts, ideas, dreams, concerns. Examine what’s at the heart of your next big step; provide the space to gain perspective; make the shift mindfully and intentionally. Consistency is key. We will set a schedule that works best for you and commit to that day and time.

Intrigued? Want to know next steps?

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