You already possess everything to deliver your best performance under every circumstance.

My work over 20 years as a casting director provides a first-hand perspective on the expectation in your meetings and throughout the audition process.

As a professor, teacher and coach, my vocation is to uncover what is uniquely you and provide the tools & techniques to deepen your work. As a creative and a collaborator, my ministry is to dare you to share your gifts with the world.

Bringing your whole self to the room - uniquely, open and confident requires keen insight into who you are; vulnerability in the work; sharing your story unapologetically. We will explore all that is meaningful to craft, helping to focus your auditions and stand out from the rest while deepening your work.

The other half of this class is uncovering who you are and how you occur in the world. Having this strong sense of self will help focus your materials, your preparation and producing creative work in your voice, on your terms.

4 weeks | 4-8 classes. $625-up
Complimentary call to discuss your goals, challenges, and dreams.

Required: Your body of work via your website, IMDb, Actors Access + a recent self-tape. 

All classes meet online.

what they're saying... 

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Caroline is very specific and cares about each actor uncovering exactly what their unique and specific needs are. iBoom is all about coming from a place of GIVE rather than ask, ask, ask. Caroline helps you narrow down what’s truly unique about you clearly empowering you.

I am forever grateful to find a teacher and coach whom I can trust and feel safe with, knowing you want the best for all of your clients. Your feedback is incredibly insightful and so beyond helpful. And your positivity is infectious! <3 XO

I feel completely ready to tackle the next step in my career after working with Caroline. She was so focused that we got so much covered in each meeting. So positive and direct that you can’t help but feel inspired!

Actor | Nurse | Seriously Funny
Actor | Writer | Disneyland
Actor | Model | Comedian
Hardest working Mom

annnnd what they're saying... 

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Caroline's iBOOM helped me demystify the audition process, and gave me a better understanding of the industry, and of myself as an actor.  I’m left with the tools to have control over my career in a really manageable way...to say it’s a game-changer is really not enough. 

When I got to Los Angeles, the idea of a career in the entertainment industry seemed more like a distant dream than a reality. Because of Caroline's support and guidance, not only have I been working as an actor, I've found my passions within the industry and a strong community to fall back on. Caroline has changed my life!

Caroline has an amazing way of guiding you through your auditions and helping you find and make your own choices. Working with her isn’t just tremendously valuable… it’s also fun and encouraging.

Actor | Based on a true story
Comedian | Writer
ADHD Activist
Actor | Writer | Baker