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Audition Prep

Your audition is the key to booking the room and ultimately booking the role. I offer an insiders view with proven experience, straightforward tools and concrete steps to establish clear, committed choices leaving any nerves or uncertainty in the dust.

Each project you audition for or meet on requires a certain vulnerability and strength and humor and insight with authentic delivery. You may find yourself preparing for a variety of projects with differing tones/genres and require a keen unbiased eye to help navigate the scenes. Our collaboration will involve technique, uncovering the givens in the scene, as well as bringing your personal experiences -  your humanity -  to life, creating a stronger and unique read from everyone else.

Private coaching is available online for your auditions and meetings.

Packages are available for one on one business coaching.

Reach out for more information & to book a consult.

what they're saying... 

Anjani Joshi_Goldbergs_edited.jpg

Caroline has coached me for some of my most important auditions. Her keen eye for detail and ability to help uncover those strong choices unique only to you makes her a joy to work with. She is extremely accommodating (thank you for meeting me in a public park!), and absolutely on top of her game.

Caroline respects the power of the individual’s unique voice - that we all have greatness ready to unleash to the world in our specific stories. Thank you for challenging my truth in telling the story, your guidance and collaboration in digging deep.

'Failure is not an option. Success is just a process.'

Thank you so much for your incredibly helpful + generous guidance, support, and coaching in preparation for my shoot. I felt so at ease after our session, and was just that much more excited for the days ahead :) I felt happy about my work and had the time of my life... and I truly couldn’t have asked for a more magical experience. Thank you for playing a part in it all.

The Goldbergs
Ambulance, American Gods
A Million Little Things, Grimm
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