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I’m designing an incredible course to remove the feeling that the universe is catering to someone else, and help you create the momentum to connect with those you wish to work with on your terms.

Let’s take away the frustrations that come with navigating the business side of the industry and take control of your career.


  • Identify what’s holding you back from the career you want.

  • Gain more momentum with your auditions, self-tapes, meetings.

  • Get clear (finally!) on what is one-of-a-kind and valuable about you.

  • Cultivate the business tools necessary to move through the roadblocks.

  • Stop struggling to get on casting directors’ radar and create genuine connection.


Sounds great, yes?


This course delivers EXACTLY what you crave most - the steps to make a real measurable difference in all aspects of your professional work.


If this sounds like something you're seeking and would like to receive more information, join the list.

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