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Let’s create the space where you can be seen and heard and be known for who you truly are.


I help creatives get visible - both professionally in their work and personally in their day-to-day lives, and I’ve been doing it for over 20 years.


My coaching is intuitive and tailored to the individual, as each person has their own unique path, story, intentions. I meet the gifts of each person where they are and together we work toward your deepest aspirations.


I help award-winning creatives with their focus and process, entrepreneurs successfully step into new territory, executives pivot into their next chapter.


And I’ve helped many multi-hyphenates, self-employed, freelancers, artists level-up their careers, and how they look at their business.


It is an honor to be chosen as someone’s coach. Whether we work together for an hour or over the year, the participation and collaboration between two committed people in a space of trust, safety and joy is a privilege, and one I do not take lightly.


Thank you for being here. I invite you to explore the options on this page.


6-month mentorship

Create space to have the courage to take the risk, explore possibility and strategize on the next pivot in your dynamic story.

meets twice per week for 4 weeks.

Complimentary call with Caroline



This is where preparation meets opportunity. 

Coaching for your next audition, meeting, call back, booking.

what they're saying... 

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Creatives juggle a lot and Caroline teaches you a way to manage your busy life and your career where it is actually manageable, including how to communicate with those you want to work with. And I got a very important industry meeting using her steps. Thanks Caroline!

Finally I am taking agency over my career and bringing focus to how I can incorporate all my skills in a meaningful way. The clarity Caroline teaches in how to bring all of you to the table is priceless.

I am forever grateful to find a teacher and coach whom I can trust and feel safe with, knowing you want the best for all of your clients. Your feedback is incredibly insightful and so beyond helpful. And your positivity is infectious! <3 XO

Coaching is vital for any artist to maintain objectivity and growth in their work. It's very important to have people you trust on your team who know the work. Caroline is the professional point of reference who understands the industry, has a unique perspective working on both sides of the table, bringing knowledge as both a business coach and audition coach to creatives. In addition to her adept knowledge on the business side of the industry, she is a curious and joyful collaborator, who challenges any artist to tap into the truth of themselves while providing the tools they need to truthfully uncover the humanity in their character and do their story justice. - THE BRILLSTEIN-LANDSBURG COMPANY

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