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Caroline approaches the work from her experience from her work as a Casting Director who has been in the audition room for 20+ years, creating a space for actors to stay sharp, curious & inspired, and exceed the challenges in their creative journey to becoming a more powerful actor.

iBOOM Essentials

nuts + bolts 

I could use some practical skills in and around the audition process


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iBOOM Craft


I'm confident in my training and want to deepen my craft + get clearer on who I am and how I want to be perceived in the industry

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meets twice per week for 4 weeks.

Complimentary call with Caroline

We are in unprecedented times. While we adjust our work for the times we are in, the craft continues to develop and deepen.

For now, all of our courses meet virtually. These are one-on-one sessions, and require a complimentary phone consult.

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clients include...
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