I have shared my expertise with Kultburo & AstraFilms- Moscow, Russia, Pace University, Juilliard, NYU Tisch, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, DePaul University, Loyola- Chicago, Occidental College, Columbia College, Directors Lab- West, SAG Foundation, IO West, Camp IOKA- NH, Breakdown’s Virtual Channel Network, Master Talent Teachers, Showbiz Expo, Actorfest, Howard Fine Studio, Private workshops and, of course, with the many talented and successful clients and students I have been humbled to work with, some of whom graciously provided testimonials- THANK YOU!

mahershala ali

“The only way I know how to book a job is to do my best work in the room. The confidence I have when walking into an audition is directly related to my rehearsals and preparation. Caroline offers a type guidance and feedback that I can honestly say has lead to me booking jobs.” Mahershala Ali

“Just wanted to say thanks! My daughter participated in your class and loved it! She had an audition the next day and nailed it, was called back in that afternoon for a producer’s session and booked a part on Nickelodeon. She employed your tips for what to do when casting directors give you notes/suggestions.” Sibylla, proud parent!

bekah tripp

“BOOM the Room has been an incredibly enriching experience.  Acting, both creatively and professionally, is a beast to tackle.  BOOM gets you focused in an important and positive direction.  Caroline centers each session around you and helping you help yourself in the most crucial and for some, intimidating, setting; the audition room.  She demystifies auditioning in a way that allows you to focus yourself and your work so that you can book that job! Caroline creates a safe working environment in which you are surrounded by others in your craft, all working towards the same goal and struggling with the same issues. She implements positivity, a variety of auditioning techniques and tactics, and real world audition settings.  This class is a must!
” Rebekah Tripp

It was a great decision to take Caroline’s TEEN/YOUTH class.  She does a lot improv and gives constructive criticism, which helped me stay relaxed so I could do my best work.  I learned more clearly how to breakdown scenes and characters specifically.  And remembering that the character lives in a whole body let’s me be more active in my auditions both physically and mentally. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun at the same time.” Coral, 16

daniel montogomery“YOU HAVE TO DO IT. One of Caroline’s MANY strengths is that her real-world experience is so vast and diverse, but also totally current. She’s in the thick of it RIGHT now with us, actors, and she understands the impact of social media and how things are changing for actors. Also, she doesn’t let you get away with ANYthing – she’s tough when she needs to be and understands actors as human beings. Her classes are completely tailored to your individual goals, and she is always willing and ready to answer questions and give you straight answers. She is definitely no-nonsense and only gives you the information you NEED. She doesn’t sugar-coat things, and she truly feels like a coach. I’ve had years of acting training and taken dozens of workshops, but Caroline’s class is the first class I’ve taken where I look forward to it all week, savor every minute, and is disappointed when it’s over (I’m even happy to stay late!). It’s food for the actor who wants to take their career seriously and to the next level. BOOM.” Daniel Montgomery 

Caroline will get you where you need to be.  I needed to work on stronger auditions.  She breaks it down and goes over everything till you have it.  The improv was so much fun and it really helped me get more specific with my scene work and how I prepare for the audition room.” Zach, 11

Revised headshot“I could not be happier that I decided to get off my hands and take some new action, calling on Caroline for a consultation. As a working actor since age 8, I have been in and around the entertainment industry in various capacities for a long time. I play by all the rules and I thought I was doing everything right, but for the first time, I started feeling very stuck and my career seemed to be stalled.  I felt like I was chasing my tail even though I had all the “right” tools. I was frustrated and confused and needed “something,” but I wasn’t sure what. After an hour with Caroline, I was invigorated and inspired. She has helped me look at my tools with a different eye, clean up my business plan, de-clutter and refocus. I realized I do have the right tools, but need to use them a little differently. The energy in my input changed and, thus, so did the output.  I went from an extreme lull in jobs booked to three jobs booked in one week. I am beyond excited about what is to come this year.  Thanks, Caroline!” Colleen O’Neill

I loved learning how to change emotions, make eye contact, saying “yes”.  You should take this class. Caroline’s a really great teacher and it’s really fun.” Jeanette, 7

liam toner 2“Caroline loves actors, genuinely, and that love allows her to truly give her class a step up on everyone else in the audition room. This isn’t just another class. She gives you constructive, thorough feedback as well as the tools to improve your initial read as well as a producer session. You’ll learn how to take your career to the next level, wherever you are right now. Thank you Caroline!” Liam Toner

I like doing the scene work on-camera in a safe environment.  Caroline makes sure we have time to work as a group and then one on one, always being specific and having fun.  I learned to just let myself go and not censor my work or choices.  Do your best and don’t try so hard to be perfect. She’s here to help get you to your goals without the pressure.  And now I have the tools that will get me there.” Chloe, 14

“Thank you for the wonderful coaching! I booked the Guest Star on “Rizzoli & Isles”! It was an incredible experience and I am so grateful for your expert advice and encouraging spirit that gave me the confidence boost to go forth and conquer!” Stephen Sullivan

I’ve learned to be more mentally and physically aware of what I’m doing when I prepare my scenes and when I audition.  Viewing our scenes after putting in all the work is great.  I found that my choices were always right because I made them my own.  The class improv has helped me become more specific with the characters I’m working on and be more present in my scenes.  Work with Caroline!  She has a lot of experience and you can tell that by the way she teaches. And it’s a lot of fun.” Andrew, 14

“DO NOT pass up working with Caroline if you have the opportunity! My very first coaching session with her for a videotaped audition resulted in my booking a great role opposite Paul Giamatti and William Hurt. Caroline helps you find the truth and simplicity of the material while, simultaneously, opening you to subtle textures in performance. She is a gem!”  Steve Tom

Caroline has coached me for some of my most important auditions. She is a joy to work with, extremely accommodating (she’s met me in a public park… God bless her), and absolutely on top of her game. Coach with Caroline Liem.” David G

“If you want to get cast why not learn from an experienced casting director within an intimate class setting –Caroline KNOWS! This class helped me with the jitters in the room & helped me to use them in my work instead.  I’m enough!!!” AnnaMaria Demara 

Caroline’s audition coaching makes the whole process clearer.  She understands script analysis completely and can find moments in a scene that you were initially unaware of.  Her specificity has made my work stronger and my overall approach to auditioning more enjoyable. She rocks!” Phillip R

“Working with Caroline for 5 weeks taught me more than I ever thought possible in such a short time. Her honesty and loyalty shined through when dealing with each and every actor in class. Her knowledge of the business is clear. She is specific with her teaching and coaching allowing me to easily implement her tools making a scene or commercial stronger and completely my own.” Dana Parker

I love working with Caroline Liem, her knowledge and expertise will put you on track fast. I completely trust her guidance and adjustments to fine tune my performance. To work with Caroline you are not only working with a coach but a professional casting directer, actor, director and producer.” Pippa B

“Caroline is an amazing expert on Film and the business. You should follow her and learn more! She’s fantastic.”

@ViolaDEE, Mercedes White


Blending the artistry with the business!  Thanks for the class @CarolineLiem!” @Kate_Norman

“I love working with Caroline Liem! Her understanding of the industry and her methods of teaching the artist to look at themselves as a business empowers the artist to create an enterprise around themselves. I can confidently say that I fully understand my responsibility in any audition setting and on any set. She’s also a blast to work with and treats her students as equal artists. I felt comfortable working in her class and I know my art benefited from such a positive environment!  She’s kind, generous and a hoot. Work with her now! Now!!”  Luke Grimes

Got the agency audition I’ve been working on for a while! Beyond excited. Having contacts DOES pay off, @CarolineLiem!” @NealaMonroe

MV5BMTQ4ODI0Mjc1Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzQ3Mjc0MTE@._V1_SY430_CR4,0,292,430_“Caroline Liem’s class is a buffet for actors. It has everything you need along with the soft serve ice cream. Not only are you working your butt off in front of the camera but you also talk about the business side and all the ingredients that will help you become a successful actor. Caroline takes the time to work with you in front of the camera to help you perfect that audition and help you make those unique choices that no other actor is going to make. I could sit here and type 10 pages of why her class is awesome but you need to find out for yourself. You will not regret it.” Brandon Morales

Caroline’s class makes the work all make sense….As a coach she makes you step outside of the box as an actor and start viewing yourself the way the writers, producers, casting directors and camera view you. Invaluable.” Hannah Madison Taylor

“Caroline has been an incredible teacher and professional. Her warm, friendly demeanor makes her a joy to work with and her obvious wealth of knowledge is something that no actor should go without. She shows you that you’re a valuable commodity and teaches you how to use that to get work. A great contact and someone I know I can always go to for help in the future!” Robert Montgomery

Caroline’s class is a beneficial crash course in the inner workings of a casting directors mind that every actor should take the time to learn.  Her class will elevate your audition technique and solidifying what you have to offer to this industry.  The class environment is comfortable and safe, with the feeling that you can ask anything and everything that may plague you, and your questions will be answered with integrity and intelligence.” Grace Illingworth

“Come to class ready to work. Caroline is an amazing teacher and will only expect the best from you each class. There is no time to be timid, or scared. You must be willing to leave it all right there in the room. Caroline’s class will definitely help you fine tune your skills to take you to the next level in the audition room. I am a better actress after this class and if you’re willing to put in the necessary work, you will be better at the end of the class, too.” Eboni Gentry 

Caroline’s enthusiasm for the business of acting and life is so refreshing. She comes to class each week ready to work and have fun. Her redirections are spot on and I love that she doesn’t let you fudge anything, she calls out what she sees and helps you through it until you really get it.” Barbara Kerford