10 Things You Wish You Had Known Sooner…#Actors

10 Things You Wish You Had Known Sooner…#Actors

Your teachers, mentors, friends, casting directors have trained you, taught you, listened to you, and brought you back over and over again because you’re terrific in the room. But there are always some things you wish they’d told you sooner. Check out my article for  10 Things You Wish You The Casting Director Had Told You Sooner…

“RIGHT ON CAROLINE! Such great advice for actors and all humans! Keep writing! Are you doing a weekly column here? You should!” Eileen O

“The clearest, most cogent and best advice ever from a casting director, and I’ve seen and heard them all.” Charles A

“Thanks, Caroline. Good points – I’ll remember them at when I go into my next audition.” Jenny R

“I really am happy I read your article. You’ve shared some valuable insights. One point you mentioned that stood out in my mind is what art we nurture outside of the business. It’s inspired me with a whole new offshoot of ideas and merging a couple of things. I’m happy that I discovered your article today, since it just broadened my outlook…Thanks!” ER

“Love it – I’m posting this one above my desk!” Jessica M

“TRUTH! Thank youuuu!” Jenna J