Radio Boom

Radio Boom

Will Roberts included me on his weekly Telegram Radio Show. I’m rather in awe of how quickly he put the segment together- less than an hour…? Where there’s a #Will there’s a way! LOL

Listen to our interview CLICK HERE or BELOW and pay attention for the answer to the bonus question at the end of this blog…

radio show- will says

Ok, we discussed several details of the audition process and preparation for the audition room that’s covered in my in-person and on-line class, BOOM THE ROOM. I wanted to share a few more anecdotes and provide a special offer you, the listener. This is especially great for those who are outside of Los Angeles who would like to take advantage of coaching with me online. Read on…

BOOM THE ROOM: Preparing for an Unforgettable Audition

Over the years I’ve met and worked with many notable talent, hard working actors who you may not know by name but would recognize, and amazing actors who are just starting their journey or changing careers or simply finding their way. We’re all finding our way. 😉 Regardless of what level of experience you may consider yourself, there are some key moments that may be missing in the audition room. These moments, when filled, allow you to BOOM THE ROOM.

Confidence. The way anyone walks into a room speaks volumes about self-worth, preparation and for the actor, immediately tells me who is ready to work and who I can trust with the role being cast. You may not be “right” for this role but if your audition is strong I’ll bring you back for another.

What do you want from the other person in the scene? Part of your research as an actor is to discover what you want in your scene, i.e.: I want to confront. But you also want to keep it active by uncovering what you want from the other person. Choose a verb, keep it active,i.e.: I want him/her to step up. When what you want from the other person is clear your choices become even more compelling and strong.

Dropping linesShould you miss a line or a word, not to worry…Stay in character, pause, find your place in the sides, take a breath and speak it. You will never have a bad audition because a word or phrase was missed. It’s all in the recovery. We’re looking at how you recover from the bobble. The professionals handle it with class, positive humor, and move on.

Work with Caroline Liem…

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