Question Reality

Question Reality

“Question Reality” Radio Show was a BLAST! Big thanks to Priscilla Leona and her co-host Laquita Cleare for having me and one of my awesome students on the show to share and earful about casting, audition process and pet peeves AND share a mock audition complete with how to answer that question, “Tell me a little bit about yourself.” 

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With Daniel Montgomery, who took time away from his birthday party to participate      in the mock audition segment of the show. You’re a rock star Birthday Boy!




  1. Dear Caroline and Daniel,

    Thank you both so much for coming on my radio show “Question Reality” which airs on LA Talk Radio. The two of you were dream guest’s for me. You both contributed so much sage advice for our audience, not only for adult actors, but for the parents of child actors. Based on this interview, I am now a “Caroline Liem” fan and feel confident promoting your workshop classes. I, too, look forward to attending the “Boom The Room” classes to soak up more of your vast nuggets of knowledge.

    Priscilla Leona, Producer & Host
    Question Reality Radio Show
    LA Talk Radio, Channel 1

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