New Year – New Class

New Year – New Class


It’s a NEW YEAR and it’s time to make a NEW COMMITMENT to yourself and for your work- BOOM!

BOOM THE ROOM is designed for actors who have trained, booked to a certain level and are seeking to elevate their work or need a kick-in-the-pants to continue moving forward. Read more click…

“Caroline Liem’s class is a buffet for actors. It has everything you need along with the soft serve ice cream. Not only are you working your butt off in front of the camera but you also talk about the business side and all the ingredients that will help you become a successful actor. Caroline takes the time to work with you in front of the camera to help you perfect that audition and help you make those unique choices that no other actor is going to make. I could sit here and type 10 pages of why her class is awesome but you need to find out for yourself. You will not regret it.” Brandon M


  1. I believe in this topic. I was having so much trouble finding a dramatic monologue, but when I found one that I connected to until today I repeat it over and over. In the shower, out loud to my kids even when laying in bed and every single time it gets better and I say to myself Oh my God why didn’t I do it like that at the audition. I do understand those out there that say they hate it because it is hard to find one, but I relized finding time to go to the libary and picking up a play even if don’t know what it’s about that is what makes it so amazing.

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