Welcome! We call ourselves the VILLAGE because that’s what we are creating – a home for you. The Village is a place where your needs and talents will be nurtured and celebrated. Please read on to learn about our classes and teachers…

We, Caroline Liem, Christy Faison and Jami Rudofsky, are casting directors | teachers with 25 years of experience in front of and behind the camera, as well as in the classroom.


7-10pm Christy’s Ongoing On-Camera Class.

April 1, 7-10pm Jami’s Ongoing On-Camera Class.

March 5, 4-6:30pm, Caroline’s Power Tools Business Class for Actors.

7-10pm Caroline’s Ongoing On-Camera Class.

March 13, 11am-2pm Daytime Village On-Camera Class with
Caroline, Jami, Christy teaching alternating weeks | 8 weeks.

7-10pm Christy’s Ongoing On-Camera Class.

7-10pm Jami’s Ongoing On-Camera Class.

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DAYTIME VILLAGE | 8 WEEK includes collaboration with all three teachers, Caroline Liem, Jami Rudofsky and Christy Faison, in an 8-week overview of on-camera and audition technique + we touch on business for the actor. Over the 2 months Jami, Christy and Caroline will be teaching 2 classes together and splitting the other 6 classes between them. You will experience 3 different perspectives and learn skills that will help you focus your work and kill your auditions! Our next Daytime Village starts March 13.

 CAROLINE LIEM’S ONGOING class supports bringing your unique self to the audition process, authentically and without apology. I believe you already possess everything to deliver your best performance under every circumstance. My job as professor, teacher and collaborator is to uncover what is uniquely you, provide the tools & techniques to deepen your work and dare you to share that with the world. 20 years as a casting director provides a unique perspective on what is expected in the meeting and the audition process. We will explore all that is meaningful to your audition: preparation, mock scenarios for handling situations you may encounter during your audition or business meeting with reps or casting, showing up for yourself, plus weekly discussion including exercises and tools to focus your mindset to get you into that room and keep you coming back, making your work stand out from the rest while deepening your craft. Caroline’s ongoing class meets Tuesdays. 

CHRISTY FAISON’S ONGOING. Through weekly practice, this class focuses on improving audition skills, being “present” in the audition room and exploring paths to get out of your head. My insights, knowledge and intuitions come from years of casting and teaching. Utilizing a compilation of mock auditions and exercises we explore the many audition scenarios, including but not limited to guest star, co-star, and series-regular roles, the audition process from the pragmatic to the profound and the assorted challenges that today’s actor faces. Guest speakers often share their experiences of the audition process, adding first hand experiences from being in front of and/or behind the camera. The end results are developing skills for the actor to express himself with more ease, relaxation and authenticity thereby being prepared for auditions and to book work. Christy’s ongoing classes meet Mondays or Wednesdays.

 JAMI RUDOFSKY’S ONGOING approaches the work from her experience of being a Casting Director who has been in the audition room for over 20 years. Each week is different and explores all aspects of what it takes to make your audition, and ultimately your work, stand out from the rest. Jami creates a space for actors to collaborate and support each other through their creative journey to becoming a more powerful actor. Jami’s ongoing class meets on Thursdays with a second ongoing class on Mondays beginning April 1

 CAROLINE’S POWER TOOL BUSINESS CLASS will connect the dots of the ‘business of you’ with your actor training. This all-business (but all-fun) class will strengthen your individual marketing materials (pictures, resume, reel), zero in on your unique image, your online presence, developing an impressive reel, creating your own content, self-taping, self-care, correspondence and communication, all in preparation for your upcoming meetings and auditions. Class includes guest speakers and panel discussions. Caroline’s business class begins thisFebruary 26.

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Class rates
All classes are $265 per 4 weeks payable prior to the first class of the month.
An 8-week class is payable prior to the first week with the balance due by the end of the 3rd week.

Missed Classes
A make up class must be completed within the month you missed unless ok’d by your teacher. Options for make up (choose one):
— Forward a self-tape of that week’s assignment to your teacher for feedback.
— Join another evening class for one night.
— Request a 15-minute one-on-one with your teacher online or in person. Subject to availability.

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Classes are educational and should not be considered an employment opportunity or audition. Attending classes is not a way to obtain employment as an actor. The presence of a casting director, or any other industry professional is neither a guarantee nor promise of employment.