“Actors are artisans after all and what they bring to the room and on screen both mirrors and influences on a global scale. You change the world.” Caroline Liem

We are in unprecedented times. While we adjust our work for the times we are in, the craft continues to develop and deepen. For now, all of our courses meet virtually. Please inquire about our on-line classes via the form below or here…


Caroline approaches the work from her experience of being a Casting Director who has been in the audition room for over 20 years, creating a space for actors to collaborate and support each other through their creative journey to becoming a more powerful actor.

iBOOM Essentials

This class meets twice per week for 4 weeks. Required: Links to materials. Complimentary call with Caroline.

This foundation class is designed for actors who have had previous acting training and experience but may need a base for the ins & outs of auditioning for film and television. Including the nuts & bolts of the audition, we will address some of the stumbling blocks around your audition, including listening, mindset, working with sides, slating, self-tape, and the virtual audition room. 

Four weeks | 8 classes: $465. Connect Me.

iBOOM Intermediate

This class meets twice per week for 4 weeks. Required: Links to materials. Complimentary call with Caroline.

You already possess everything to deliver your best performance under every circumstance.

My work over 20 years as a casting director provides a first-hand perspective on the expectation in your meetings and the audition process. My vocation as a professor, teacher and coach is to uncover what is uniquely you and provide the tools & techniques to deepen your work. My ministry as a creative and a collaborator is to dare you to share your gifts with the world.  

Bringing your whole self to the audition, authentically, uniquely and without apology requires keen insight into who you are; vulnerability in the work; sharing your story unapologetically. 

We will explore all that is meaningful to help focus your auditions and stand out from the rest while deepening your craft, including preparation, mock scenarios for handling situations you may encounter during your audition and through it all, showing up for yourself on your creative journey.

Four Weeks | 8 classes: $565. Let’s do this!  


iBOOM Ongoing

We continue working online February 2, 5pmPST Requirements: Invitation, Audition or Completion of Intensive.

This community of collaboration and supportive artists includes concentrated work and a safe space for getting to the heart of the craft of acting, bringing all of who you are to your Film/TV auditions and bookings. 

Connect to your scene work without the shortcuts; continued exploration of self and your unique voice in scene work; mock audition scenarios for high-pressure situations, last minute auditions & self-tapes are the staple of this class. As a community, this class creates content together and also works on their individual content that supports their casting.

Monthly class rate | 4 consecutive week: $265. I’m ready!

 My first session, a videotaped audition, resulted in my booking a great role opposite Paul Giamatti and William Hurt. Caroline helps you find the truth and simplicity of the material while opening you to subtle textures in performance. She is a gem!”  Steve Tom


ABOUT CAROLINE’s work with actors… Why not share authentically without apology in an environment that creates support and belief in your work. I’m here to tell you that you already possess everything to deliver the best performance under every circumstance. Let’s work it!

Caroline’s enthusiasm for your business of acting and life is so refreshing. Each week she is ready to work and have fun. Her redirections are spot on and I love that she doesn’t let you fudge anything, she calls out what she sees and helps you through it until you really get it.” Barbara Kerford

Caroline is a member of CSA, ATAS, Local 399. She received her MFA from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and her BA from UCLA School of Theatre/Film/ Television. She is currently Vice President of Advocacy for the CSA and faculty at Pace University & UT Austin.

She has shared her expertise throughout the US and Internationally with Kultburo & AstraFilms- Moscow, CMTC- Toronto, DePaul University, The Juilliard School, NYU Tisch, Loyola- Chicago, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Minesota/The Guthrie, University of Arizona, Occidental College, Columbia College, Syracuse, Directors Lab- West, SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Maggie Flanigan Studio, IO West, Howard Fine Studio, Backstage Experts, Private seminars and, of course, with her many talented and successful clients and students. See what they’re saying here…

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