Sharing firsthand insight on the process expected in meetings and the audition room keeping classes collaborative, informative and always coming back to the script. There are 4 options for to optimize your good work:


My first session resulted in my booking a great role opposite Paul Giamatti and William Hurt. Caroline helps you find the truth and simplicity of the material while opening you to subtle textures in performance. She is a gem! ~ Steve Tom


For adults (16 years to 100) this weekly private ONE ON ONE study with Caroline Liem is specifically designed to meet your individual goals. Clients successfully work through higher stakes performances in ‘the room’ while inspiring and encouraging solid authentic choices and sticking to them sharing emotionally rich characters.

Actors who have prior training, booked to a certain level and are seeking to elevate their work or those who simply need a kick-in-the-pants to continue moving forward CLICK HERE for more information on BOOM THE ROOM.

BOOM II: The Teen|Youth Experience

For Teen & Youth actors (5-15 year), this weekly private ONE on ONE class sharpens your audition skills while learning techniques to prepare for both feature film and television styles of on-camera acting. This in-person or on-line class includes script analysis, on-camera study, working with prepared material, discussion on how to emotionally and intellectually take charge of the audition process. CLICK HERE for more information on BOOM II and  to request the application.

an Adult ongoing class through BGB STUDIO 

Bring your best self to the work every time!

THE CASTING ROOM is where you get to prep and practice all kinds of work you may be asked to prepare in a group setting. Every week. You will:

  • Create from a place of specificity, power and ease- both on-camera and off.
  • Cultivate and maintain a practice of presence.
  • Increase your confidence and comfort on camera, in your audition experience, and in your career.

You are- and always will be- walking into rooms where people don’t know you. How long will it take for them to know you? What do you have to do in order to take command of that space and show yourself fully?

Join Me every week as you commit to your ongoing workout. Claim and express your bold, unique voice in your auditions. Bring the kind of work you are capable of all the time into whatever room or stage or set you inhabit. CLICK HERE for more information and to apply thru the BGB Studio website


Admission to BOOM THE ROOM is through referral and video link/audition. Admission to the BOOM II is through audition and application.                                      For further information and to join THE CASTING ROOM ongoing class contact BGB Studio through this link


ABOUT CAROLINE’s work with actors…

Why not share authentically without apology in an environment that creates support and belief in your work. Teaching evolved to meet the desires of all these terrific, mindful, talented performers I would meet in casting sessions and throughout the years working in theatre. There was also a strong need to update personal brand as well as in-depth, clear coaching for auditions. I am dedicated to the success of the professional actor. My background in casting film, television and commercials gives me a unique perspective on the process expected in the meeting and the audition process. We’ll work to clarify realistic and achievable goals in any acting career and provide a practical system to help any actor who is serious about creating a lasting career as an industry professional. I’m here to tell you that you already possess everything to deliver the best performance under every circumstance. Let’s work it!

Caroline is a member of the Casting Society of America (CSA), Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS), Local 399. She received her MFA from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and her BA from UCLA School of Theatre/Film/ Television.

She has shared her expertise with DePaul University, Loyola- Chicago, Kultburo & Astra Films – Moscow, Russia, Occidental College, University of Texas at Austin, The Juilliard School, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Pace University, Columbia College, Academy of Art, Directors Lab- West, SAG Foundation, Syracuse, Maggie Flanigan Studio, Summer Discovery- UCLA, IO West, Howard Fine Studio, Camp IOKA- NH, Master Talent Teachers, Breakdown’s Virtual Channel Network, AIA Actor’s Studio, Showbiz Expo, Casting Q’s, Actorfest, Backstage, Private workshops and, of course, with her many talented and successful clients and students.