What’s Brad Pitt Eating?

What’s Brad Pitt Eating?

The Washington Post and the New Zealand Herald both featured some of my fun discussion with reporter Emily Heil in her article “Brad Pitt is the ‘Laurence Olivier of eating’ on screen. Here’s why we like to watch.” Enjoy!

…Caroline Liem, a casting director and professor at Pace Performing Arts, says one reason might be that Pitt is just really, really good at on-screen eating. “He’s the Laurence Olivier of eating!” she says.

Even talented actors sometimes screw up what seems like a simple task, she says. They might take bites that are too big. Or tiny bites — a dead giveaway that they’re dealing with multiple takes. But Pitt? “He makes it look like an actual human being eating, and you don’t get that a lot,” Liem says. “He’s just one with food.”

Some of Pitt’s eating is central to a scene. Think of him in “Interview With the Vampire,” in which his brooding undead Louis is trying to kick the habit of human blood and instead chomps into rats. Or in “Meet Joe Black,” when his titular character — who is death itself inhabiting a human body — eats peanut butter for the first time.

Other times, eating has been a way to subtly express something about his character. As Rusty Ryan in the Ocean’s franchise, he’s forever snacking. Pitt has described in interviews why that was — Rusty’s a con man and always on the move, he said, so he figured he wouldn’t have time for a proper sit-down meal. And in 2011, he told NPR’s Terry Gross that his “Moneyball” character’s snacking was a way of showing his intensity and “need to accomplish something.”

Liem says actors can use food to develop their characters in ways that might not even be called for in a script. “As a casting director, I know that an actor knows the character inside and out — better than anyone else on set — and so if the actor says the character needs a sandwich, he needs a sandwich,” she says.

Read the full Washington Post article. New Zealand Herald article.

5 ways to kill your next audition

Q: What are some specific things that casting directors expect/want actors to know or do in an audition? — Backstage Community Forum

While the expectation may be as subjective in number as there are casting directors, here are some reminders to make your audition experience a great one.

1. Find the human being. Most everyone auditioning in the room or via self-tape will satisfy the lines, breakdown, and physical needs for the role. We’re rooting for you to share who this human being is and transport us away from planned or disconnected line delivery to a living, breathing soul—your unique take on the role will only come from your personal experiences and choices.

The writer has likely created roles based on actual human beings, so remember the character you’re reading had a life before this moment in the story, strongly wants something throughout the scene, and will continue to thrive and struggle in and around the moments. Do your homework. Make the words and the life provided by the writer your own. Be curious in your life and create from that experience. This, coupled with technique and training, will allow you to share authentic reads because it comes from you and no one else.

2. There are no mistakes. We do not care if lines or words are unintentionally dropped. We care how you recover from the bobbles. How professional is your recovery? Stay in character, take a breath, find your spot again, and continue.

3. You are in the room to solve a challenge. You received that appointment over many, many others, and you deserve to be there. Prepare. Share. Take full responsibility for your great work—and bobbles—with grace and humor.

4. Show up fully. Confirm appointments in a timely fashion and research the role, project, and team (CD, producers, director, writers, etc.). Enter the room with confidence and resist throwing anyone under the bus or making excuses—we’ve heard them all. Share the work you love.

5. Meet your work with pure joy. It is play, after all. You will be met in kind.

by CAROLINE LIEM – click m’name to view the original article on Backstage.com

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Finalist- Backstage Readers Choice

Finalist- Backstage Readers Choice

Thank you for your nomination! Our Teen-Youth Class is a FINALIST for the Backstage Readers Award, 2014.  I would be honored, and decidedly giddy, to receive your FINAL VOTE.   Click VOTE NOW & cast your vote for #19.  Details below…
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Question Reality

Question Reality

“Question Reality” Radio Show was a BLAST! Big thanks to Priscilla Leona and her co-host Laquita Cleare for having me and one of my awesome students on the show to share and earful about casting, audition process and pet peeves AND share a mock audition complete with how to answer that question, “Tell me a little bit about yourself.” 

talk radio pic

With Daniel Montgomery, who took time away from his birthday party to participate      in the mock audition segment of the show. You’re a rock star Birthday Boy!





tea (1)

 Relax – Reflect – Create

You’ve taken time to relax and perhaps reflect on a year that’s now behind us. Now what? I’m not a big resolution maker, but I am a firm believer that we possess all we need to move forward and attain our goals. In order to make a change or adjustment in what we choose to do for ourselves in 2013, we might not need to start anew. What were the positive things attained over the past year? Moving forward this year, think about what was previously started and perhaps it’s from that point you’ll expand and create. Click the link for this month’s viddy…
Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Wishing you the company of good friends & family

this Holiday Season.

Big cheers to a Brand New Year!





 …A great day had by all!

actorfest with sienna

One of the many wonderful volunteers who made our day clip along easily. I met Sienna when I was a guest teacher at Occidental. All grown up with a clear focus and thriving as an actor and voice over artist, Sienna was the best gatekeeper a gal could ever want!




actorfest meet drop

Meeting many actors and answering lots of questions. Insightful day!

Happy Election Day!

Happy Election Day!

I am thankful for FREEDOM to use my voice & those who fight for that freedom every day! Our vote does matter. Exercise your right!

What have you done for yourself lately?

What have you done for yourself lately?

Back in America. Back at the office. Back at coaching!!! Had an amazing time aboard a Caribbean cruise. Made great new friends, saw many industry folk I never get to see when in town, learned a lot about parts of this great business I seldom get access to and found wonderful talent all on the high seas. Feeling inspired, rejuvenated and motivated!!!