One Take Wonders

One Take Wonders

I marvel at how actors can prepare for auditions at the last minute. It takes a certain skill set to disseminate the breakdown, read the script, if offered, prepare the material, and deliver a personalized and thoughtful performance in the audition room or through a self-tape. I’ll offer observations on both.

There is an actor I tape from time to time. She has appeared as a series regular, recurred on several familiar shows, and has tested for countless projects. Whenever I work with her it’s very last minute, usually due the same day, and she has just had the day or evening prior to review the material. She usually tapes it in one shot, and books the role. She’s a one-take wonder. But what does she do?

1. Her confidence is palpable. She’s clear and focused on the performance at hand.

2. There is very clear sense what she wants from the other character, and it is undeniable she will get it. 

3. She draws the camera to her read, as if it is listening in on a juicy secret.

During recent casting, the actors I brought back to producers and those who ultimately booked their roles had certain qualities in common. CLICK HERE for specifics on how each of these actors booked the room in one take!  – Backstage, originally published 07.10.16

CLC Coaching & Class

CLC Coaching & Class

Episodic season is just around the corner. Whether you are seeking to add coaching, need self-taping or focus your craft to the next level, there’s a class here for you.

CLICK HERE for more information.

CMTC 2017

CMTC 2017

New talent. Young talent. Singers, dancers, actors, musicians were abundant at CMTC in Toronto celebrating their 25th anniversary! I taught my seminar BOOM THE ROOM: Preparing for an Unforgettable Audition which included proper slating and tips for performing their monologues, commercials and cold reading scenes. Take a look at some of the terrific talent I met…

Pre-BOOM warmup – CLICK HERE


BOOM highlights – CLICK HERE




Teen Youth Pilot Intensive 2016

Pilot Intensive-2016 flyer

Teen-Youth 2-Day Pilot Intensive
Age: 10-16 years
Dates: February 20-21
Time: 9:30am-1:30pm
Location: Sherman Oaks
Rate: $300 for 2-day weekend.
Admission: Application or Invitation – Required: Deposit

More information & application click HERE or call | email 818.732.1798 |




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3 Types of Redirects to Expect in Auditions

Here’s an excerpt of my latest Backstage article…

A well-trained actor is clear on preparing for their audition, brings a certain focus and energy to the room, and shares a personal point of view based on research and materials provided to their read.

These actors are flexible and resilient in their choices because throughout the casting process, adjustments with the script and character may change the vision and description initially provided with the audition materials. The part of the audition where it is most evident how material has been prepared, or where we see how precious you are about your choices is in the redirect.

The redirect, or direction given by casting following your initial read, is an opportunity to collaborate with the audition room. There are as many scenarios as there are casting directors. I will suggest three you may run into, how to adjust them, and why the redirect is so important to your bookings…

CLICK HERE to read more….

Teen-Youth 3-Day Summer Intensive  Episodic edition

Teen-Youth 3-Day Summer Intensive Episodic edition

TY Summer Intensive 2015
Teen-Youth 3-Day Summer Intensive
Age: 10-16 years
Dates: August 14-15-16
Time: 10am-2:30pm
Location: Burbank/Sherman Oaks
Rate: $325 for 3-day weekend. Current students: $299
Admission: Application or Invitation – Required: Deposit

More information & application click HERE or call | email 818.732.1798 |

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Radio Boom

Radio Boom

Will Roberts included me on his weekly Telegram Radio Show. I’m rather in awe of how quickly he put the segment together- less than an hour…? Where there’s a #Will there’s a way! LOL

Listen to our interview CLICK HERE or BELOW and pay attention for the answer to the bonus question at the end of this blog…

radio show- will says

Ok, we discussed several details of the audition process and preparation for the audition room that’s covered in my in-person and on-line class, BOOM THE ROOM. I wanted to share a few more anecdotes and provide a special offer you, the listener. This is especially great for those who are outside of Los Angeles who would like to take advantage of coaching with me online. Read on…

BOOM THE ROOM: Preparing for an Unforgettable Audition

Over the years I’ve met and worked with many notable talent, hard working actors who you may not know by name but would recognize, and amazing actors who are just starting their journey or changing careers or simply finding their way. We’re all finding our way. 😉 Regardless of what level of experience you may consider yourself, there are some key moments that may be missing in the audition room. These moments, when filled, allow you to BOOM THE ROOM.

Confidence. The way anyone walks into a room speaks volumes about self-worth, preparation and for the actor, immediately tells me who is ready to work and who I can trust with the role being cast. You may not be “right” for this role but if your audition is strong I’ll bring you back for another.

What do you want from the other person in the scene? Part of your research as an actor is to discover what you want in your scene, i.e.: I want to confront. But you also want to keep it active by uncovering what you want from the other person. Choose a verb, keep it active,i.e.: I want him/her to step up. When what you want from the other person is clear your choices become even more compelling and strong.

Dropping linesShould you miss a line or a word, not to worry…Stay in character, pause, find your place in the sides, take a breath and speak it. You will never have a bad audition because a word or phrase was missed. It’s all in the recovery. We’re looking at how you recover from the bobble. The professionals handle it with class, positive humor, and move on.

Work with Caroline Liem…

If you can answer this question correctly, you will be eligible to receive 10% off your first ½ hour coaching or consult with me. In my radio interview with Will Roberts, I name the one thing Actors should always include in their audition but often miss. What is it? Email me through this LINK and, if correct, you will be eligible to receive 10% off your first ½ hour coaching or consultation with me over Skype, Face Time or Google Hangout.* #BOOM


*Must be redeemed no later than June 30, 2015 or forfeited. Subject to availability.

Next Classes

Next Classes

BOOM TY pic copy


Two classes to BOOM THE ROOM

Adults begin May 2

Teen-Youth ages 10 to 16 years begins May 2

Next Teen-Youth Audition Class

Next Teen-Youth Audition Class

October 12 thru November 9

Age: 10-16 years

Backstage Readers Nominated, this class offers 5 FUN action-packed weeks to sharpen your audition skills, learn techniques to transition between single camera, multi-camera styles to continue your training during the summer for SERIES/ FEATURE auditions.  This is the class your agent & manager wants you to have to give your most natural, grounded performance in the audition room.

 Class includes:

What it means to & how to act “in-between the lines”

Creating natural multi-layered performances

Understanding your audition from beginning to end

Presenting the best YOU in the room

On-camera technique each week

**Out of town or out of state – online courses available, inquire with link below…

To Apply & Read more about these classes click here…




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Readers’ Choice Nominees Announced!


Nominated for…

Favorite L.A. Acting Class For Kids
Caroline Liem’s Teen-Youth Class

After two months of tallying nominations from Backstage readers, the nominees for the 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards are here!  Cast your vote August 1 thru August 14.