Pilot season is underway!

Join us for 5 weeks working one-on-one on audition technique for those last minute auditions as well as your prepared material. It’s geared for the trained actor who wants to take his/her recognized and strong work to the next level. Each week we focus on distinct challenges with text, audition room situations, and your business as an artist using group collaboration and individualized guidance to overcome & master these challenges. On-camera each week. Consultation/Audition required. BOOM!




So what did you do over the holidays…?

I was honored to be teaching with some extremely talented colleagues collaborating with Astra Films and Kultburo in Moscow, Russia.  No, it wasn’t that cold- it was ski time weather- PERFECT!  Discussion included casting and auditioning in America, and how to prepare to work in the US.  I loved our interaction during our one on one and small group coaching and exercises geared to prepare for feature auditions, the audition room, on-camera technique and how to interview.  Enjoy the pictures…


Panel discussion









One of MANY classes





IMG_3777 Discussion on an Actors “Tool Kit”





Red Square

















Father Christmas covered with coin wishes







group photo moscow 4

Team USA – Cathy Sandrich Gelfond, Me, Darren  Boghosian, Kate Lacey












group photo moscow 1Our wonderful producers and interpreters from Astra Films  Ilya, Alissa, Me, Julia, Kate, Andrey, Slava

BOOM begins…


red keep calm and boom the room copy

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We’ve had a terrific summer with our TEEN/YOUTH Intensive and now class is back in session with our TEEN/YOUTH Class beginning AUGUST 25 for 5 weeks. Elevate your on-camera skills with material and audition technique that will challenge you in a terrific FUN atmosphere as you prepare for Episodic season. Click here to find out more and request your application.

2 days to sharpen your audition skills

2 days to sharpen your audition skills

We’ve received such great feedback on our latest TEEN/YOUTH class we’re adding a 2-day intensive.

TEEN/YOUTH Intensive


10:00 am-2:00 pm



Two days to sharpen your audition skills and learn techniques to transition between single camera, multi-camera and more serious episodic and feature material.

These 2 FUN, action-packed days include:

* Auditioning in LA (mock auditions)
* Presenting the best YOU in the room
* Character development
* Believability and overall effectiveness of a scene
* One on One reading with prepared material
* Detailed feedback and redirection
* Round table discussion including guest speaker
* Written feedback included from instructor and guest

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Like the picture… He’s great!

TEEN & YOUTH Classes

Following a terrific summer of weekend intensives we are back “in session” with our TEEN/YOUTH Classes…



(no class 9/1)

Ages 10-16 yrs, 11AM TO 1PM

5 weeks to focus on preparation for set and audition for film and television. We encourage actors innate sense of PLAY creating truthful performances through improvisation, cold reading, and character work. We’ll explore analysis and technique for scene work through creative writing, objectives, mock auditions and cold reading. We’ll harness the power of imagination through improvisation and build strong, specific and meaningful characters. Learning within a safe, spirited and supportive network of their peers, ensuring confident, secure, relaxed and prepared actors for their auditions in any room and their professional work on any set.

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Get some CLASS!

Boom The Room will elevate your acting as well as your work as an artist. It’s time to get specific with technique that will allow you to take your auditions and the business of  YOU to a whole new level. Don’t believe it – take a look here at what talented folk like you are saying about working with Caroline…well, Me…


boom the room 2


our next 5 week audition class starts MAY 28TH

raise your game for FEATURES – SERIES

5 weeks working one-on-one on audition technique for last minute auditions and prepared material. It is geared for the trained actor who wants to take his/her recognized and strong work to the next level. Each week we focus on distinct challenges with text, audition room situations, and your business as an artist using group collaboration and individualized guidance to overcome & master these challenges. Consultation/Audition required.

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Come to class ready to work. There is no time to be timid, or scared. You must be willing to leave it all right there in the audition room. I am a better actress after this class and if you’re willing to put in the necessary work, you will be better at the end of the class too!” Eboni G






Boom The Room is underway! Our students are changing the way their auditions are perceived and coming away with (icing on the top) terrific bookings for pilots, series and features. Read about it here – Testimonials

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boom the room 2




New Year – New Class

New Year – New Class


It’s a NEW YEAR and it’s time to make a NEW COMMITMENT to yourself and for your work- BOOM!

BOOM THE ROOM is designed for actors who have trained, booked to a certain level and are seeking to elevate their work or need a kick-in-the-pants to continue moving forward. Read more click…

“Caroline Liem’s class is a buffet for actors. It has everything you need along with the soft serve ice cream. Not only are you working your butt off in front of the camera but you also talk about the business side and all the ingredients that will help you become a successful actor. Caroline takes the time to work with you in front of the camera to help you perfect that audition and help you make those unique choices that no other actor is going to make. I could sit here and type 10 pages of why her class is awesome but you need to find out for yourself. You will not regret it.” Brandon M

10 Things You Wish You Had Known Sooner…#Actors

10 Things You Wish You Had Known Sooner…#Actors

Your teachers, mentors, friends, casting directors have trained you, taught you, listened to you, and brought you back over and over again because you’re terrific in the room. But there are always some things you wish they’d told you sooner. Check out my article for  10 Things You Wish You The Casting Director Had Told You Sooner…

“RIGHT ON CAROLINE! Such great advice for actors and all humans! Keep writing! Are you doing a weekly column here? You should!” Eileen O

“The clearest, most cogent and best advice ever from a casting director, and I’ve seen and heard them all.” Charles A

“Thanks, Caroline. Good points – I’ll remember them at when I go into my next audition.” Jenny R

“I really am happy I read your article. You’ve shared some valuable insights. One point you mentioned that stood out in my mind is what art we nurture outside of the business. It’s inspired me with a whole new offshoot of ideas and merging a couple of things. I’m happy that I discovered your article today, since it just broadened my outlook…Thanks!” ER

“Love it – I’m posting this one above my desk!” Jessica M

“TRUTH! Thank youuuu!” Jenna J