Pace BFA Acting 2017 Virtual Showcase

Pace BFA Acting 2017 Virtual Showcase

Presenting Pace Performing Arts Los Angeles Showcase 2017. This is a video showcase produced and directed by Caroline Liem, Pace Prof/Casting Director and Wendy Kurtzman, Pace Prof/Casting Director/College To Career Acting with Pace University. Our talented BFA Acting Seniors trained for 3 weeks in Los Angeles receiving in-depth industry education alongside some of our favorite producers, directors and casting directors. They have learned to expand their work as artists in film and television writing, producing, acting, as well as the business of the actor always speaking from their unique voice. They’re ready for film/TV. Please view & enjoy!
For industry folk interested in meeting any of our wonderful students please contact: Grant Kretchik, to arrange an appointment. And for those in New York please save the date for their live NY showcase, May 8.
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Pace LA Intensive 2017

Pace LA Intensive 2017

It has been my joy to collaborate with Pace University on our third annual LA Intensive. This program has allowed BFA candidates an inside look to our industry. They entered the Writers Room and developed and pitched self-written scripts with Nat Bernstein, uncovered who they are with branding skills provided through The Branding Buddha’s Carla Renata, elevated & monetized their online presence using their unique voice with Larry Shapiro, elevated their acting skills for career longevity with Howard Fine, learned techniques for Self Care with Kehinde Koyejo, as well as perfected their technique for auditioning on-camera for film, television, commercials with myself and casting colleagues and taking a general meeting with executives. All this along with producing their showcase videos that will serve as their reel. I look forward to following up with this beautiful group of artists in the spring. Until then…



Our Core Teachers Howard Fine, Wendy Kurtzman, Nat Bernstein, Caroline Liem, Larry Shapiro


The Artist Series | August 20-21

The Artist Series | August 20-21

Are you working social media or is it working your last nerve?  Is your career on track? Are you feeling confident and making progress? Are casting and reps clear on how to cast and pitch you? Maybe could you use some guidance on brand or navigating social media or cultivating industry relationships? How do you stay creative and at the same time run a business

1 weekend 4 classes

to prepare for Episodic Season & Beyond!


actors key flyer- web copy

Non-members of The Actors Key signing up for these classes may join at a 50% discount. Use MEM50 at check out, then click UPDATE CART to take advantage of this incentive.

One Take Wonders

One Take Wonders

I marvel at how actors can prepare for auditions at the last minute. It takes a certain skill set to disseminate the breakdown, read the script, if offered, prepare the material, and deliver a personalized and thoughtful performance in the audition room or through a self-tape. I’ll offer observations on both.

There is an actor I tape from time to time. She has appeared as a series regular, recurred on several familiar shows, and has tested for countless projects. Whenever I work with her it’s very last minute, usually due the same day, and she has just had the day or evening prior to review the material. She usually tapes it in one shot, and books the role. She’s a one-take wonder. But what does she do?

1. Her confidence is palpable. She’s clear and focused on the performance at hand.

2. There is very clear sense what she wants from the other character, and it is undeniable she will get it. 

3. She draws the camera to her read, as if it is listening in on a juicy secret.

During recent casting, the actors I brought back to producers and those who ultimately booked their roles had certain qualities in common. CLICK HERE for specifics on how each of these actors booked the room in one take!  – Backstage

Casting and Chemistry

Casting and Chemistry

Chemistry is the complex emotional or psychological interaction between two people. If this were a romantic article, it would be about love. Instead, we are discussing the astonishing rapport between two actors, and how that connection is achieved in order to book the room, and ultimately, the role.

A chemistry read is an opportunity to read with actors being considered for a role opposite yours, usually lead roles. The main purpose is to see how you instinctively connect and work with the other actor. But before you meet that opportunity, the casting director needs to see that potential. Please CLICK HERE to continue this read and to get tips on…

Everything You Need to Know to Nail a Chemistry Read

Pace BFA Showcase

Pace BFA Showcase

One year ago these talented Seniors were summoned to their 6th Floor conference room for a meet & greet with me to begin the discussion of how to prepare for the bridge from their amazing theatre program into our film/TV industry. They’ve done GREAT work during their 3 week session Los Angeles Intensive and now NY gets to see what LA already know. I couldn’t be prouder of you all! Break legs and go be amazing!!! xo




Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival was a whirlwind of fast-paced excitement, humble filmmakers and talented actors sharing their great work.

For the list of winners click TFF



Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.31.50 AM copy

Supporting red carpet diva Carla Renata. Behind the scenes is no joke!

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.31.15 AM copy

@BarbieStyle on the red carpet


One of several high spirited parties celebrating women film makers


3 Types of Redirects to Expect in Auditions

Here’s an excerpt of my latest Backstage article…

A well-trained actor is clear on preparing for their audition, brings a certain focus and energy to the room, and shares a personal point of view based on research and materials provided to their read.

These actors are flexible and resilient in their choices because throughout the casting process, adjustments with the script and character may change the vision and description initially provided with the audition materials. The part of the audition where it is most evident how material has been prepared, or where we see how precious you are about your choices is in the redirect.

The redirect, or direction given by casting following your initial read, is an opportunity to collaborate with the audition room. There are as many scenarios as there are casting directors. I will suggest three you may run into, how to adjust them, and why the redirect is so important to your bookings…

CLICK HERE to read more….



So what did you do over the holidays…?

I was honored to be teaching with some extremely talented colleagues collaborating with Astra Films and Kultburo in Moscow, Russia.  No, it wasn’t that cold- it was ski time weather- PERFECT!  Discussion included casting and auditioning in America, and how to prepare to work in the US.  I loved our interaction during our one on one and small group coaching and exercises geared to prepare for feature auditions, the audition room, on-camera technique and how to interview.  Enjoy the pictures…


Panel discussion









One of MANY classes





IMG_3777 Discussion on an Actors “Tool Kit”





Red Square

















Father Christmas covered with coin wishes







group photo moscow 4

Team USA – Cathy Sandrich Gelfond, Me, Darren  Boghosian, Kate Lacey












group photo moscow 1Our wonderful producers and interpreters from Astra Films  Ilya, Alissa, Me, Julia, Kate, Andrey, Slava

Casting by premieres

Casting by premieres

CASTING BY Premieres TONIGHT – HBO 9pm. This engaging film shines a spotlight on casting and casting directors. Everything you ever wanted to know about what we do and how it came about. PLEASE WATCH IT!!!