Pace BFA Showcase

Pace BFA Showcase

One year ago these talented Seniors were summoned to their 6th Floor conference room for a meet & greet with me to begin the discussion of how to prepare for the bridge from their amazing theatre program into our film/TV industry. They’ve done GREAT work during their 3 week session Los Angeles Intensive and now NY gets to see what LA already know. I couldn’t be prouder of you all! Break legs and go be amazing!!! xo




Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival was a whirlwind of fast-paced excitement, humble filmmakers and talented actors sharing their great work.

For the list of winners click TFF



Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.31.50 AM copy

Supporting red carpet diva Carla Renata. Behind the scenes is no joke!

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.31.15 AM copy

@BarbieStyle on the red carpet


One of several high spirited parties celebrating women film makers


3 Types of Redirects to Expect in Auditions

Here’s an excerpt of my latest Backstage article…

A well-trained actor is clear on preparing for their audition, brings a certain focus and energy to the room, and shares a personal point of view based on research and materials provided to their read.

These actors are flexible and resilient in their choices because throughout the casting process, adjustments with the script and character may change the vision and description initially provided with the audition materials. The part of the audition where it is most evident how material has been prepared, or where we see how precious you are about your choices is in the redirect.

The redirect, or direction given by casting following your initial read, is an opportunity to collaborate with the audition room. There are as many scenarios as there are casting directors. I will suggest three you may run into, how to adjust them, and why the redirect is so important to your bookings…

CLICK HERE to read more….



So what did you do over the holidays…?

I was honored to be teaching with some extremely talented colleagues collaborating with Astra Films and Kultburo in Moscow, Russia.  No, it wasn’t that cold- it was ski time weather- PERFECT!  Discussion included casting and auditioning in America, and how to prepare to work in the US.  I loved our interaction during our one on one and small group coaching and exercises geared to prepare for feature auditions, the audition room, on-camera technique and how to interview.  Enjoy the pictures…


Panel discussion









One of MANY classes





IMG_3777 Discussion on an Actors “Tool Kit”





Red Square

















Father Christmas covered with coin wishes







group photo moscow 4

Team USA – Cathy Sandrich Gelfond, Me, Darren  Boghosian, Kate Lacey












group photo moscow 1Our wonderful producers and interpreters from Astra Films  Ilya, Alissa, Me, Julia, Kate, Andrey, Slava

Casting by premieres

Casting by premieres

CASTING BY Premieres TONIGHT – HBO 9pm. This engaging film shines a spotlight on casting and casting directors. Everything you ever wanted to know about what we do and how it came about. PLEASE WATCH IT!!!

8 Tips for Self-Taping Your Audition

8 Tips for Self-Taping Your Audition

My latest Backstage article is up. This month’s tip- Self-taping- read on…

With shorter production, tighter budgets, and more out-of-state shoots, a taped audition may become your first—and sometimes only—connection with casting directors, producers and directors. A self-taped audition may be submitted when you’re out of town, on-set, facing scheduling challenges (you have too many appointments!), or you’re a casting office favorite—but they haven’t seen you play this type of role. The turnaround time for your self-taped audition is quick, with just days to read the script, make your strong specific choices, tape, edit, and send it in. How do you make sure we see and hear you while showing your personality and sharing your best performance and–receive a call-back or booking? When my clients cannot get to my studio to tape and coach their auditions, they self-tape. Click here for your 8 Tips for Self-Taping Your Audition.

Casting by

Casting by

Beautiful night supporting friends and connecting with our casting community for CASTING BY at Los Angeles Film Festival.  Click here to read more about everyone involved in creating this extremely entertaining love letter to the casting director and Marion Dougherty, who revolutionized the role of casting director in film and television.  



With Kate Lacey, Producer

Demo Reels

Demo Reels

Take a look at my recent video on demo reels.  Thank  you  Master Talent Teachers and Retta Putignano for her  excellent questions and Kevin King for his excellent camera work!  Click on the picture to connect and let me know what your thoughts. Enjoy!


CBS Diversity Showcase

CBS Diversity Showcase

The 8th Annual CBS Diversity Showcase is here! We’ve spent 3 months of collaboration with terrific talent and writers helmed by our fierce director, Rick Najera and the extraordinary Fern Orenstein, VP of Casting at CBS Network. We can’t wait to share our funny!

cbs diversity showcase 2013

Through the incredible efforts of CBS Casting Vice President Fern Orenstein and Rick Najera, outstanding talent from coast to coast has been identified and an impressive 80 actors’ careers have been launched as series regulars or in recurring roles. Our next showcase promises to be another platform for introducing diverse talent and impacting the industry,” Josie Thomas, CBS Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer.







Meet & Drop – Focus Session

Meet & Drop – Focus Session

“Actorfest is the premier industry event for performers, delivering the contacts, opportunities, and skills that a performer needs to build their career.”

I’ll be joining many of our fave industry professionals this weekend for a day of information for artists of all levels. Hope to see you at the Meet & Drop where we’ll have a quick one-on-one Q&A- have your questions ready!