A Conversation About Booking

A Conversation About Booking

We’re always striving to get to the next level in our work. It’s a natural part of our growth as artists. There’s a certain level of care and attention required forĀ  development of craft. But sometimes you simply get stuck in a place, a plateau if you will, and find that the caring and candid words of someone who has walked in your shoes, puts it all in perspective.

My ongoing class recently had the luck of timing, his schedule not ours, to meet with Brent Sexton. Our class just spent the previous 4 weeks exploring the expectation and reading sides for co-star, guest star, recurring and series regular roles. Brent was very generous sharing what he encountered at every level of his thriving career and how he met and elevated the challenges along the way.


The Casting Room at BGB Studio, Los Angeles

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